Alpaca blanket

Alpaca blanket

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As soft as cashmere and warmer than sheep’s wool, this all-natural alpaca throw is made from the finest responsibly sourced alpaca fleece in Peru (where the alpaca is revered as a sacred animal). Alpaca is coveted throughout the world for its warmth, silky softness, and comfort; you’ll love this cozy throw for all those reasons and more. It’s simple and unadorned (save for its fine, twisted fringe at both ends), and lanolin-free, making it hypoallergenic, as well as uncommonly beautiful.

  • Made of 100% superfine Alpaca fibers
  • Crafted in Peru from responsibly harvested, 100% natural, undyed Alpaca yarns.
  • Simple and sophisticated lightweight throw, offering luxurious warmth in a neutral hue.
  • Fine, twisted fringe on both ends
  • Dry clean

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